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IT Staffing

Kivish Infotech, Corp has been providing staff augmentation services to Fortune 500 and premier companies nationwide for years. We have a rich history of success servicing our client’s unique skill requirements. Our recruiters average 10+ years of relevant industry experience. We attribute our success in this staffing arena to quality, sustained relationships with key clients and close relationships with top IT and business talent in the market. In addition to our traditional staff augmentation practice, we provide right-to-hire talent that is ready to convert to employees of our client. We will find you top-shelf IT talent - where you need it, when you need it to get started. Our unique method for recruiting and retaining their services as part of our vast consulting network ensures that we always have the best, most experienced technology consultants available for your projects while also offering the kind of freedom and autonomy which highly skilled people demand. Give us some time up front and we'll get you the right fit. Candidates are thoroughly screened using interviews, reference-checking, and skills testing. We provide drug screening, background checks, and credit checks upon request. We have developed a highly efficient delivery model for supporting a wide array of clients with expertise on supporting high-volume contingent worker programs. Kivish Infotech, Corp has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of Supply Chain organizations and has extensive experience working with all of the Vendor Management Systems (VMS). We combine industry knowledge with state of the art technology to help you acquire, manage and optimize today’s top talent. As experts in recruiting, we do much more than simply place workers. We provide an array of consulting services and work with you to examine your unique and specific needs then implement a tailor-made solution. All of our candidates are carefully hand-picked and put through rigorous technical screening before being placed into our consulting practice network..These include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Service
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Business Analysts
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • Microsoft Platforms and Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Data Science
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud and Network Infrastructure
  • Network Administration, Engineers, and Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Database Management and Migration
  • Web Developers and Programmer
IT Consulting

Kivish Infotech,Corp Provides IT Staffing Services to the Companies Across a wide Variety of Industry Groups , We truly believe in creating a difference. Thus, we accept our customers and believe in satisfying them. When it comes to staffing needs, we want our customers to think of Kivish Infotech, Corp at the first place. we have been able to build a vast network and database of qualified professionals who serve in a variety of capacities. We specialize in adapting our process to suit the needs of our clients, adding value to an organization through the careful management of their contingent workforce, and prompt responses to their ever-changing needs, consultants are all practicing developers who track the latest software trends and methodology and have the expertise to help development teams work security into the software development process and remediate existing software vulnerabilities. Kivish Infotech,Corp offers innovative solutions for a variety of temporary staffing needs. We understand that companies and job seekers alike can benefit from the flexibility afforded by temporary job assignments. For employers, temporary positions can provide seasonal or project-related support, reinforcement during employee absences, and valuable resources when hiring freezes or head count restrictions exist. Temporary-to-full-time assignments serve as an opportunity to assess the fit of candidates in your firm before offering them a full-time position. For job seekers, temporary assignments can provide flexibility to those who need to work around family or job commitments. Temporary/consulting assignments also offer candidates an opportunity to gain experience, sharpen skills, and maintain an income while searching for full-time work.