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Professional Staffing

Kivish Infotech,Corp is a global IT service provider with focus on technology, consulting, and outsourcing services. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, it has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA and its development centers in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam India .

As a leading staffing and professional placement firm, Kivish Infotech ,Corp understands the importance of aligning our clients with the right resource at the right time. We are committed to the highest caliber of service that will benefit our clients, candidates, and employees. Unlike large, corporate style recruiting firms. Our goal is to cultivate and maintain true partnerships with our clients and candidates. Finding qualified candidates is our profession and we pride ourselves in our work.

Kivish Infotech,Corp delivers talent across the entire spectrum of staffing and project requirements. Our scalable enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure combine to meet your just-in-time resource requirements. In a nutshell, we can help deliver:

Our experience in applying a proactive approach to zero-in on the right match for a given talent search has helped clients save time and resources. If you are a human resource professional or a hiring manager and if quality, speed, ROI are important to you, Contact US to discuss your requirements.

Kivish Infotech,Corp provide comprehensive consulting support to Engineering and Procurement Companies. Our consulting support not only increase efficiency but also paves way to minimize applications that required supporting the engineering work process.

Kivish Infotech,Corp , we are committed to finding the talent you need within the budgets and time-frame that suit your needs to craft a Win-Win. With specialties in Management Recruiting, Information Technology, Sales and Finance, bringing about a change in your organization, infusing some new blood becomes as clinical an experience as you can imagine. No nagging sales calls, no need to waste time in long meetings. Simple on-demand services.

There are many wins in a change but some things still remain the same. Honesty, transparency and a true respect for diversity (not just the numbers game), are values that have helped us become successful. So why change them?

  • A single resource or an entire team
  • An individual project manager – or a project manager with a team
  • A team of consultants with Kivish Inotech ,corp oversight and your project management
  • Project outsourcing: onsite, offsite or offshore
  • Vendor management solutions: onsite or vendor neutral, including recruitment process outsourcing and service procurement outsourcing

Mobile Application Development

  • Kivish Infotech ,Corp mobility's specialization comprises of developing applications across multiple verticals. Our strong technical skills, distinct procedure and a dedicated team of connoisseur engineers and designers have helped us to publish some extremely insightful, entertaining and accessible applications.
  • We offer a multi-layered application which consists of user experience, business and data layers. The whole procedure starts with the definition of mobile applications, understanding the key components, learning patterns, technology and scenarios and presenting you in more simplified manner.
  • We have implemented solutions across various platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android which helps organizations to communicate with the customers through custom mobile applications. The solutions assure that you can easily operate these applications and provide easy data processing.
  • Our experts also provide consultation about mobile platforms that can help your company in taking the right decision. After all, we are always there to provide you technological prowess and let your firm reach the top most ladder of success.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing technology has arrived as timely rescue for all challenges and has made it completely viable, reliable and cost effective way to scale as you like anytime. When you want the best in enterprise IT services without massive investment, we can host your applications in the cloud. You'll benefit from continual availability and greater cost control, as you only pay for what you use. And we'll help you create the space and time to innovate for business growth. Many business are moving to the cloud for on-demand services. You too can instantly access secure, reliable, advanced technology based in our SAS-certified data centers by selecting Kivish Infotech managed cloud services. The right path for your business Take small steps, starting with email perhaps, or opt to run all your business applications from the cloud. Moving some or all of your services to our cloud infrastructure gives you freedom without giving up control.

BIG Data Analytics

Companies are transforming their businesses by leveraging the power of Big Data. As Big data solution is no longer an option but an IT innovation every company needs in order to compete. Capturing the value of big data necessitate a prevailing solution that can quickly transform raw data into a functional product, giving business leaders insight into the company and its customers.Companies today need innovative and value driven big data solutions that help them store, process and analyze large amount of structured and unstructured data.

Data Scientist Services

Data scientists help organizations make sense of the massive streams of digital information. Knowledge Momentum's consultants can help model complex business problems, discovering business insights and identifying opportunities. Skills include integrating and preparing large data sets, advanced analytics and modeling, as well as business domain knowledge.